We care for our students safety, and for this reason all volunteers at Redwood Adventist Academy must be fingerprinted, background checked. This gives our parents the peace of mind to know every each child is as safe as possible.

Basic Volunteer

Definition: Volunteers who assist with one-time events, whose only interaction with the students is in the presence of an administrator or teacher.
Requirements: Sign the Guidelines for Volunteers and return it to the school.


Field Trip Volunteer

Definition: Volunteers who accompany students while on off-site or overnight trips
Requirements: Complete the background check process through Verified Volunteers

  • Union: Pacific
  • Conference: Northern California
  • School Name - choose from list (you can choose more than one location, including churches)
  • The role you'll be serving as a volunteer (classroom helper, field trip chaperone, etc.)
  • All other school-related volunteer options require a DMV background check
  • Click on the green circle to begin the online training (may take up to one hour)
  • Print a certificate when completed
  • Proceed with the background check information
  • You will be notified by e-mail when the background check has been processes


Extended Volunteers

Definition: Volunteers who have frequent or prolonged contact with students (e.g. coaches or parents who assist with students on a regular basis), and may not be under the direct supervision of a school administrator or teacher.


  • Download and complete the forms in the Extended Volunteer Packet
  • Return the completed Guidelines for Volunteers and Vehicle Information forms to your school office. If you will be serving as a volunteer teacher, please complete and return the Educational Volunteer Agreement as well.
  • Complete the Blank Volunteer Live Scan Form using the information and codes from the Sample Form. Take the completed form to an authorized LiveScan center and get fingerprinted. The results will be automatically sent to the Northern California Conference.
  • File with the school a certificate showing that within the last four years the volunteer has been examined and has been found to be free of communicable tuberculosis. (California Health and Safety Code 121540)


General Guidelines

Volunteers are an essential element of a successful school; schools cannot buy what volunteers give to a school. Schools are committed at all times to providing a safe environment in which students can grow mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Volunteers must be encouraged to respect the confidential nature of anything they see or hear. Concerns should be shared only with the classroom teacher or principal at school. As far as volunteers go, what happens in the classroom, stays in the classroom.

The professional staff of the school is responsible for everything that goes on at school including student instruction, safety and discipline. Volunteers work under the direction and guidance of paid staff, supplementing and supporting the program.

Unless acting as an approved volunteer teacher, volunteers should NOT:

  • Discipline students
  • Diagnose student needs
  • Evaluate achievements
  • Counsel students
  • Discuss student progress and concerns with parents
  • Have access to materials in students’ permanent record files

Because students are the priority, the right to be a volunteer can be rescinded at any time due to behavior that is in conflict with Guidelines for Volunteers.