Redwood's Core Values

At Redwood Adventist Academy we have four core values that we work to instill into our students. Our teachers strive to embody these values every day to give our students real examples of our values in action. We look forward to seeing our student's growth in these four areas throughout the year. We want our students to demonstrate these values throughout the year when they interact with their peers, our faculty, and their daily assignments. Our goal is that our graduates will represent these four values in their lives for all the world to see. 

The core values that we strive to instill in our students and graduates are:


Our students will own their words and actions.


Our students do not give up when tasks get tough.


Our students do what is right regardless of the outcome.


Our students value themselves, those around them, and the environment. 

“My son has cochlear implants so in public schools, he was overwhelmed and had difficulty focusing because of his hearing. This school had smaller classes, and he has experienced more respect, compassion, and understanding from other students. My oldest went here first and I noticed a positive change in his character and am so glad we found Redwood for all three of our children.”